Plastic Waste Recycling

Waste isn’t a problem. It’s a brilliant opportunity to find new, ingenious ways of transforming the single biggest human challenge into a better, cleaner future for all. That is the goal of Bhajia Waste Solutions: We aim to provide communities with exceptional Waste Recycling Services that protect and Improve the Quality of Life in the communities we serve. Recyclable waste is a valuable commodity and we believe it must be treated as such when being bought and sold.

Why Recycle?

Our landfills are almost at full capacity and there don’t seem to be plans to build new ones, but by recycling, we can save up to three cubic metres of landfill space per tonne. That’s one reason to recycle.

When you choose to recycle, you lessen the burden on our landfills, contribute to less pollution and litter, and actively create a healthier, greener, and cleaner world that can be enjoyed for generations to come and ultimately creates jobs for our teeming youths

What We Do

social impact

Integrating informal Waste
Collectors into our value chain

smart technology

Leveraging technology to
manage and streamline operations

fair trade products

Fairly sourced recycled materials for
local and international markets

Bhajia International Ltd is open to receiving investment, joint venture and collaboration proposals from potential investors. We look forward to the future with great vision and we also believe that in partnership with investors and dedicated customers, our business will continue to grow to everyone’s benefit.

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